The resources of your cyber security armor

Who we are.

Cyber Global Resources is a Czech company specializing in HR and headhunting, education and training, and certification activities for high-level IT specialists and professionals in the finance, industrial, energy, pharmaceutical, automobile, telco, and other main industries and fields. Our highly skilled experts have established good relationships within the IT security/Cyber security fields and academic sphere over the course of their long carriers, and are able to customize and search for specific profiles of sought after candidates.

Our experts locate the candidates through a very wide network of personal contacts all over the world, and never rely just on databases and/or traditional advertisement methods.

We profile our candidates with the newest available personal and professional skill tests and methods to assure that they are the best possible match to our client’s requirement.

We closely cooperate with cyber security training providers, thus we are able to provide the chosen candidates with the newest updates within their fields, both on the defensive and the offensive levels.

What do we do.

CGR is very well aware of the current situation with the lack of professionals and experts in IT security/Cyber security fields. Our added value to you, our clients, are the unique skills we possess in locating personnel. Our time-to-market is thus much shorter than in the “traditional approach”.

Finding cyber security personnel and IT security professionals across the industrial and other fields.

Targeting employees according to the needs of our long-term clients.

Locating hard-to-find candidates with the hands on experience in cyber security and IT security.

Matching proper candidates with proper employers.

Assuring that the candidates are up to date with the existing and the newly emerging threats, and hence have the capabilities to assess, protect, mitigate, contain, defend and etc. in various sectors of their relevant positions.

What do we offer?

We offer tailor made solution to your requirements

We locate the relevant employees according to your specific needs. We offer tailor made solution to your requirements. We can fill the gap in your current teams and then upgrade them to an even higher level. Our main goal is to deliver the ready-made set of employees that offer their best expertise and thus increase your level of ROI.

CGR work in low profile in order to target specific personnel

We arrange placement in top courses and university programs, and are able to deliver in cooperation with our partners the education, certification, training program optimization, and personification of short/long term training programs designs fore required personnel.

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